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Thermometer Sanitizing Tube W/Clip, Green, Cleantemp

Thermometer Sanitizing Tube W/Clip, Green, Cleantemp

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CleanTEMP™ is a marker sized tube filled at the start of each shift with standard Quaternary Ammonium. The thermometer probe is placed into the tube through a hole in the cap, replacing the typical thermometer sheath which can harbor bacteria. A rubber washer located inside the tube cap squeegees the probe dry as it is removed from the tube for use. After temping, the thermometer probe is wiped clean of visible debris before reinserting it into the tube. CleanTEMP, compatible with most digital and dial long stem thermometer models, fits within the chef coat sleeve or pocket making sanitation part of the uniform. AVAILABLE IN ALLERGEN FREE.

The CleanTEMP™ system is designed to prevent the cross-contamination of food by providing a sanitized thermometer that is always at the ready. Please follow the guidelines set forth on the product card and in your local health codes to insure safe food handling practices.

Change sanitization solution at the start of each shift!
- A solution of Quaternary Ammonium @ 200ppm/water is recommended for use with the CleanTEMP System.
- A solution of industrial chlorine @ 50ppm/water (1 drop) or a solution of Iodine @ 12.5ppm/water (1 drop) are acceptable.

To Fill the CleanTEMP holder:
1. Remove thermometer from the tube.
2. Remove the cap by turning counterclockwise making sure not to disturb      the wiping member.
3. Rinse the tube and inspect for debris.
4. Fill the tube with sanitizing solution to the fill line or, the bottom ring of the clip groove.
5. Replace the cap by turning clockwise until its snug. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
6. Re-insert the thermometer through the opening in the cap.
7. Carry the CleanTEMP system in your front coat pocket or in your sleeve pocket.

Wipe the probe clean of visible debris (or rinse with potable water) after each use before returning the thermometer to the CleanTEMP holder. Only use USDA approved sanitizing solutions (such as Quaternary Ammonium) in the CleanTEMP system. Follow all food safety rules when using CleanTEMP.

The CleanTEMP tube should be properly cleaned at the start and end of each shift. The rubber washer inside the cap is easily removed and cleaned along with the cap. Throughout use, the probe should be wiped clean of any food debris prior to reinserting it back into the CleanTEMP tube. Should there become a buildup within the calibration tool in the upper rim, the cap should be removed and cleaned. Tube is dishwasher safe. Cap, rubber washer and clip should be cleaned by hand to prevent loss.


Manufacturer Vanco Inc/Clean Temp
Manufacturer Name Vanco Inc/Clean Temp
Package/Shipping Height 0.5
Package/Shipping Length 5.5
Package/Shipping Weight 0.1
Package/Shipping Width 0.5


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